Musicalogica – Medley composed for the soundtrack of The Rude, The Mad, and The Funny, by David J. Garfield, starring Arthur Wahlburg.

Ride of Fate, from the soundtrack of The Rude, The Mad, & The Funny

Music by Joe Jafo Carriere, Pete Haase, Keith Carroll, and Jamie Fuller

Lyrics by Joe Jafo Carriere and David J. Garfield
Produced by Pete Haase and Jafo World
Vocals – Joe Jafo Carriere
Guitars – Joe Jafo Carriere, Pete Haase (+1 guitar on choruses)
Drums – Keith Carroll
Bass – Jamie Fuller
Keyboards – Pete Haase
Backup vocals – Rick Skehan (on choruses)
Recording Engineers – Pete Haase, Joe Jafo Carriere
Mixed by Pete Haase